1 year fashion-meets-art: DOGEARED GIVEAWAY

1 year fashion-meets-art: DOGEARED GIVEAWAY

1 year fashion-meets-art: DOGEARED GIVEAWAY
1 year fashion-meets-art: DOGEARED GIVEAWAY
1 year fashion-meets-art: DOGEARED GIVEAWAY

                                                              Today my blog is one year old and i want to say 
                                                              THANK YOU! Thank you because without you
                                                              this blog is nothing! Thanks for the support and for
                                                              being here with me! <3
                                                              For this reason there’s a new giveaway for you:
                                                              A wonderful Dogeared heart-necklace (golden)
                                                              from rosa-cosa.de
                                                              ( normal price: $66 / €69, gold dipped )
                                                              All what you have to do:
                                                              1. Follow me with google
                                                              2. Follow me with facebook and share the giveaway
                                                              3. For a better chance follow me with
                                                                 instagram (#marenanita) and bloglovin
                                                              4. Follow rosa-cosa with facebook
                                                              GOOD LUCK!!!
                                                               The giveaway is worldwide and ends at the 31., august 2012.
                                                               Don’t forget to write a comment below with your
                                                               email address, facebook and google name, instagram and                                                               bloglovin‘ name for a better chance :-)

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  1. Eve • 16. September 2014

    GFC – Ewelina Jezierska
    Fb- Ewelina Judyta, http://www.facebook.com/ewelina.judyta
    my e-mail : kita1986@interia.pl

  2. dongala (wanderer) • 16. September 2014

    This neckpiece is indeed beautiful.
    i suck at giveaways but I hope I win this beautiful piece.

    Facebook name : Dolkaa Lhaamo Mashutzo
    Gmail : dmashutzo@gmail.com


  3. R▲hel • 16. September 2014

    Hey ich folge dir nun mit facebook, google und bloglovin. ;**

  4. Fictitious Fashion • 16. September 2014

    Hi dear.. This is such a pretty necklace!! :)

    I’ve followed both of u on fb- akanksha chawla
    gfc- fictitious fashion
    Bloglovin- I guess, 219
    email id: akanksha.chawla13@gmail.com

    Hope to win! :)

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Giveaway: Mont Affair

    An Awesome GIVEAWAY on my blog,by Prodigy Red~ Win a sexy jersey dress ENTER HERE


  5. life full of colors • 16. September 2014

    I follow You on google and bloglovin.
    share on my face book page as LIFE FULL OF COLOURS https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-full-of-colors/112074288895732

    my email : katarzynashoppa@gmail.com

  6. Kathi • 16. September 2014

    Folge dir in allen Kanälen und hab das Giveaway auf meiner FB-Seite geteilt!
    Sehr hübsche Kette :)

    Kathi Kamleitner, circumculturality@gmx.at, Instagram: circumculturinstagram

  7. Iswarya laxmi • 16. September 2014

    email address-honey9135@gmail.com
    facebook -iswarya laxmi
    google name-iswarya laxmi
    bloglovin‘ name-iswarya laxmi
    fb share- https://www.facebook.com/ilaxmi/posts/172403612885014

  8. Iswarya laxmi • 16. September 2014

    blogovin 224 follower

  9. Armani Uhren günstigen • 16. September 2014

    little pearl that i got in hawaii! i ‚liked‘ both pages on facebook and am glad to have gotten to connect with you all! cheers!

  10. tiki.jakov. • 16. September 2014

    Happy blog-b-dy!!!
    Shared!Shared! :):)

    Enjoy this day!!! <3

  11. Amberrr • 16. September 2014

    Happy birthday! Let me wish u lots of ideas and ispiration ;)

    Did everything! :)
    Email: gintarijam@yahoo.com
    FB: Gintare Medelyte (shared that giveaway :))
    Google: Amberrr
    Instagram: gintarijam
    Bloglovin‘: gintarijam@yahoo.com

  12. Melie • 16. September 2014

    Happy blogday to you. I lové your style ! Bisous de France . I follow you on Facebook and instagram because i haven t got Google and bloglovin.
    Melie dgr

  13. Jannah Lopez • 16. September 2014

    email address:jannahmarielopez@gmail.com


    google name: Jannah of http://jannahmarielopez.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for informing me bout your giveaway! Tc!:)

  14. A.. • 16. September 2014

    fb:anja knih
    gfc: A..

  15. Despina T. • 16. September 2014

    did everything!
    gfc despoina telligiannidou
    facebook despoina rykiel telligiannidou
    bloglovin fashion for life

  16. NuRya G. • 16. September 2014

    – Email: nuria_bcn133@hotmail.com
    – GFC: NuRya G.
    – Facebook: Nuria Gar. Bue. (I prefer don’t put my surname here).
    – Shared: http://on.fb.me/Q3ksgp
    – Bloglovin’: follower number 228.

  17. Elsa • 16. September 2014

    Hi sweetie! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment! Your givaway is amazing but unfortunately I don’t have a fb account so I can’t participate! Anyway, would you like to follow each other?

    Out Of The Box

  18. Rachgrn • 16. September 2014

    Gorgeous necklace :)

    I follow you on Facebook (Rach Green) and rosa-coda.de
    Instagram (Rchgrn)
    On here/google (Rachgrn)
    I don’t have a bloglovin account but I’ve followed you on everything else :)

  19. lilliputt224 • 16. September 2014

    Danke für deine Einladung! Die Kette sieht Super aus!!!
    Instagram: lilliputt22

  20. Caroline Goldingham • 16. September 2014

    I’m following Facebook, bloglovin and following Rosa-cosa.de as well with I did tell you.

  21. Rekha • 16. September 2014

    Hey Entered :)

    Following u via GFC – Rekha

    Facebook – Rekha Mohan


    Bloglovin – Rekha

    Hope to win :) fingers crossed :)

  22. Mary • 16. September 2014

    I couldn’t find your Google Friend Connect, so I google + it.


  23. Mary • 16. September 2014

    I posted the giveaway on Facebook
    Mary Avlos-Dailey


  24. Mary • 16. September 2014

    I am not on Instagram, but I did follow on Bloglovin, marika200


  25. Mary • 16. September 2014

    I follow Rosa-Cosa on Facebook
    Mary Avlos-Dailey

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway for the beautiful necklace and congratulations!


  26. Vanni • 16. September 2014

    Ich folge dir via google: Vanni
    und ich folge dir via Instagram: its_fairman



  27. Ría • 16. September 2014


    Facebook: María R. Halcon.
    Instagram: @atitelavoyacontar
    Blog: Ria
    Blogloving: Atitelavoyacontar
    email: maria@atitelavoyacontar.com

  28. lacivertojelikız. • 16. September 2014

    hi! :) lacivertojelikiz@gmail.com

    kisses from laci! ^^

  29. littleS • 16. September 2014

    that is the cutest little necklace!

    Following everything :)

    instagram: soo_lander


  30. Ľubaša • 16. September 2014

    I follow you with google (Lubaska)
    I follow you with facebook and shared the giveaway
    I follow you on bloglovin
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com
    I follow rosa-cosa with facebook (Lubka Kotmanikova)

  31. Lydia • 16. September 2014

    Was eine süße Kette *_*
    Alles Gute zum 1.Bloggergeburtstag :) Mein Blog ist auch 1 Jahr alt geworden :)
    Und Danke für die Einladung

    Lydia allucanreadbyjl@googlemail.com
    Bei Insta @jaly12

  32. Anastasija • 16. September 2014

    HAPPY blog b-day!!
    Following everything :)
    instagram: anastasijastasha

  33. Greta Miliani • 16. September 2014

    I want that. It‘ simply lovely!!!

    mail: milianigreta@gmail.com
    fb: Greta Miliani

    I’ve shared and follow you on gfc, fb and bloglovin. I haven’t instagram, I hope it’s not a big issue!


  34. Annabell Holmes • 16. September 2014

    ..here again:

    Cute necklace


    I follow you everywhere

    PS: happy (Blog)-Birthday


  35. cozbi hultz • 16. September 2014

    LOVE! I am actually wearing one of their necklaces right now! it’s a little pearl that i got in hawaii! i ‚liked‘ both pages on facebook and am glad to have gotten to connect with you all! cheers!

  36. Eleeenoire • 16. September 2014

    Happy blog birthday!!!!
    I’m totally in love with this necklace… i hope i win :):)

    i follow you in gfc, facebook and blog lovin‘. I’m sorry i haven’t instagram :-((((

    mail: eleonorapellegri@gmail.com
    fb: Eleonora L. Pellégri

  37. Ronja Reverdaater • 16. September 2014

    Hi, I follow you wth FB and bloglovin



  38. Steffi • 16. September 2014

    Wow 1Jahr! Glückwunsch! :D Bei meinen Blog ist es auch fast soweit… im August wird er 1 Jahr ;)

    tolles Gewinnspiel!

    lg steffi

  39. Julia • 16. September 2014



  40. ThinkOrange • 16. September 2014

    Happy blog b-day!

    GFC: ThinkOrange
    FB: Neon Gray
    shared: http://www.facebook.com/pastelneon/posts/127814260694540

    I also follow you via Bloglovin and liked rosa-cosa on fb
    Bloglovin/email: kokicezaponeti at msn dot com
    FB: Neon Gray

    fingers crossed:)

  41. -Balda- • 16. September 2014

    Happy birthday <3 :D

  42. Ikra • 16. September 2014

    Thanks for dropping at my space. I am following you on google, facebook, instagram and bloglovin :)

    Sneak peek into my life

  43. Valentina • 16. September 2014

    Done all :)

    I’m following you on:

    Facebook: Valentina Piquereddu (Piu)

    Mail: mrsronaldo91@gmail.com


  44. Melissa Cuentas • 16. September 2014

    What a beautiful necklace!
    I already follow you with google and also facebook (Melissa Cuentas) :-)

    my email is: meli04cuentas@hotmail.com

    *fingers crossed*

    Happy 1 year Fashion-Meets-Art and happy weekend! XO

  45. Anonym • 16. September 2014

    Happy Birthday nochmal! :-)
    Fb Name: Katharina Brodnicki
    Instagram: K4TH1

    Hab ein tollen Tag und mach weiter so!
    Ich liebe deine Seite… <3

  46. Adele • 16. September 2014

    Congratulations on your 1st anniversary Maren – here’s to many more!
    Vote intotheblonde BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the Xosmo Blog Awards 2012
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  47. Carmen • 16. September 2014

    felicidades guapa!!
    nick- Carmen
    os sigo a las dos en FB como Carmen Trujillo
    feliz verano!!

  48. Sommermädchen • 16. September 2014

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    GFC: Sommermädchen
    Facebook: Hanna Winski
    Instagram: kamera_kind


  49. camomile tea • 16. September 2014

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  50. Shani • 16. September 2014

    GFC: kiss_shani
    FB:Shani Smet

    Lovely give-away!


  51. Maria • 16. September 2014

    Wow i love this necklace!


  52. arra • 16. September 2014


    Arra Morta

    GFC: arra
    FB: Arra Morta
    Follow you on bloglovin too:)

  53. soledad • 16. September 2014

    Happy Birthday!
    I follow you on facebook: Rita Szlovencsák
    I follow rosa-cosa.de on facebook: Rita Szlovencsák
    GFC: Soledad
    E-mail: soledadgyurmaekszerei@gmail.com

  54. Anna-Lena Kaempfel • 16. September 2014

    Herzlichen glückwunsch!!!
    Ein wundervoller blog! ;) <3

    FB: Anna-Lena Kaempfel
    E-mail: anna-lena.kaempfel@onlinehome.de

    Lovely greetings :* ;)
    XO A

  55. Marta • 16. September 2014

    Hi! I follow you via GFC and facebook (Marta García). I’ve shared the giveaway on my facebook page A Bilingual Baby.https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Bilingual-Baby/182660111765870?ref=hl

    I also follow your blog with bloglovin (martagmadera at hotmail com) and rosa-cosa with fb.
    Thank you! Martaplayita at gmail com

  56. Elle Johns • 16. September 2014

    Love Dogeared and the heart necklace!!

    xoxo, Elle


  57. Rocio Otero • 16. September 2014

    el colgante es precioso!


  58. Charline • 16. September 2014

    J’en rêve !!!!
    Indiacha.com sur facebook, choocapic sur google !

    Merci merci, c’est bientôt l’anniversaire avec mon amoureux et j’aimerai trop avoir ce cadeau <3


  59. Nicole Haas • 16. September 2014

    Happy Birthday…and good luck for the next 10 years :-)

    Kind regards
    Nicole (NicNac02)

    Follow you on FB and google

  60. I'm A Love Addict • 16. September 2014

    FB:Dosta Radnjanska
    Bloglovin:Love Addict

  61. Ljepota • 16. September 2014

    Happy Birthday

  62. LiaM • 16. September 2014

    happy blog-bdays sweetie!!!



  63. Lara • 16. September 2014

    1. Follow via gfc : Lara
    2. Follow via FB: Rainer Lara & shared it.
    3. Followed on instagran miss_lara and via bloglovin miss.lara@hotmail.com
    4. Followed rosa-cosa on fb.

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  64. agnieszkazg • 16. September 2014

    email: agoooooosia@gmail.com
    GFC: agnieszkazg
    FB name: Agnieszka Insińska

  65. Morgan Brooks • 16. September 2014

    I would love to add to your amazing wardrobe, so I’d love for you to enter my $50 Forever 21 giveaway!
    Morgan Germenis

  66. Damla • 16. September 2014

    GFC follower: Damla

    Like both on FB: https://www.facebook.com/sweepstakelover

    Shared on FB: https://www.facebook.com/sweepstakelover/posts/451091701590715

    Follow on bloglovin.

    annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  67. dunja1988 • 16. September 2014

    FB: Dunja Blazevic
    GFC: dunja_vk
    EMAIL: dunja_vk@hotmail.com
    BLOGLOVIN: dunja_vk@hotmail.com
    SHARED: http://www.facebook.com/dunja.vk/posts/397884203594865

  68. Anonym • 16. September 2014

    Hi Maren :)
    alles gute nochmal mach weiter so.
    Facebook: Leonie Kai
    E-Mail: LeonieKaindl@web.de
    Liebe Grüße, leo <3

  69. DESPINA • 16. September 2014

    I follow on Google as DESPINA VENETI (I hope I did this right, the link isn’t working, I pushed the button under the post)
    I follow both pages on Facebook and shared the giveaway as Despina Vnt
    I follow on Bloglovin‘ (deb_oro@yahoo.gr)

    GFC: deb_oro

  70. Tania M • 16. September 2014

    GFC taniamitro
    FB Anastasia Mitro (like both pages)
    e-mail amitrosili@yahoo.com

    Thanks for this chance!

    Anastasia Mitrosili

  71. Anastasia from Natbeesfashion • 16. September 2014

    Great giveaway Maren!
    I follow you through GF, Bloglovin and FB for a long time as Natbeesfashion.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  72. Frieda • 16. September 2014

    Die ist ja einfach wunderschön! Natürlich mach ich da gerne mit :)

    mail: lilyofstone@t-online.de


  73. HobiCoffee • 16. September 2014

    Happy birthday Maren :))

    Done all!

    I follow you on FB : Hobi Cafe and Ceren Akkol
    Shared : http://www.facebook.com/HobiCoffee

    I follow Rosa Cosa.de on FB : Ceren Akkol

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  74. Ana Rute • 16. September 2014

    GFC: amostras-passatempos.blogspot.com
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  75. Carmen • 16. September 2014

    muchas felicidades por tu año de blog!!
    nick- Carmen
    email- carmentrujillopoveda@gmail.com
    compartido en FB-http://www.facebook.com/momentsofwoman/posts/486148178079647
    feliz verano!!

  76. Castles Crowns and Cottages • 16. September 2014


    Oh dear, it has been TOO LONG since I have visited you and your charming fashion! HOW ARE YOU???????

    It has been a fabulous summer, but BUSY. There is NEVER enough time to accomplish everything, but one day at a time, things to get done.

    May I enter your contest for one chance?

    you are as lovely as ever!!! Anita

  77. Laura Herder • 16. September 2014


    This is Laura Herder, I follow you in Facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin with the same name.

    My email is lauraherder8@gmail.com

    And i share this giveaway on my wall!!!

    thank you so much!

  78. immerlight • 16. September 2014

    Amazing necklace, so pretty!

  79. Chrissi • 16. September 2014

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  80. Chrissi • 16. September 2014

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  81. Julie • 16. September 2014

    All what you have to do:

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  82. Sunny • 16. September 2014

    Hello :)
    Thank you for your nice comment, of course can you invite me, thanks!

    I follow you now with Google, facebook and bloglovin.

    bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3735189/it-should-rain-flowers

  83. an-les.blogspot.com • 16. September 2014

    tolles Gewinnspiel :) ich möchte auch mitmachen!

  84. Nani • 16. September 2014

    Happy blog b-day!
    FB: Natasha Jordanova


  85. Nani • 16. September 2014


  86. Toxic Retro • 16. September 2014




  87. Giulia • 16. September 2014

    Love this necklace.. It will be mine :P

    I follow you on:
    Facebook: Giulia Mangano
    Instagram: piccina93
    Bloglovin: giuly.mangano@gmail.com
    GFC: giulia mangano

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  88. Jezzy • 16. September 2014

    Hey… happy birthday, that is great!

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  92. Laura • 16. September 2014

    Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! :)
    Ich würde sehr gerne teilnehmen :*

    Liebe Grüße, Laura


  93. katshe • 16. September 2014

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  94. nagrade • 16. September 2014

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  95. Hina Naz • 16. September 2014

    GFC: Hina Naz
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